A good and useful network monitoring tool has combined both active and passive network monitoring methods. This tool also has included both types of methods includes NetFlow Data Collector and Analyzer for passive network monitoring method and IP scanner for active network monitoring method etc.

NetFlow for Collecting Network Trafic Data

NetFlow is the best solution to monitor network traffic levels per service, per host, and traffic accounting. NetFlow records are a smaller size than the record from other packet replicating methods such as port mirroring or hubs. Therefore, storing NetFlow records doesn’t take much storage capacity. Analyzing stored records are more useful to identify trends and past events and use them in future network planning.

Identifying network anomalies and security vulnerability using generated NetFlow can often protect networks from DDOS attacks, and worm-like behaviors and network administrators can act accordingly. Since NetFlow can monitor per IP and per service, network administrators can gain a better understanding of the usage of users and the services. These data can use for user profiling and traffic accounting.

Java as the Programing Language

Java is an open-source programming language. Tools that programmed using Java don’t depend on the platform. So the Java programs can run on any OS such as Linux, Windows, and MAC OS X.

When installing Java for the first time in an OS, it installs the JVM, which is platform depends. When a Java program is running, the CPU executes the JVM 1st, and then the JVM executes the Java code, which is platform-independent. Java programmers don’t code programs for the CPU, the code for the JVM. JVM is a virtual machine/ CPU that abstracts the CPU, which can run Java codes.

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